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BrianBrian, President
DonDon, VP
EdEd, Treasurer
Davidboy david, Secretary
RobbieRobbie, Sergeant At Arms
StevenSteven, Pledgemaster
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BrianMy name is Brian Hughes and I’m currently the President of Panther L/L. I have been a member with the Panther’s for the past 11 years. I have held different positions within the club that has helped me be a better member and better person all around. The best part of being a Panther is that I have a family that I can count on in any situation; that will have my back. A couple of nicknames that have been given me is that of “Bathroom Brian”, “Pig 2”, and “Supreme Pig”. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or any other Full Member. I’m proud to be a Panther!

DonMy name is Don Melville and I am the Vice President of Panther L/L. I joined as a full member in 2011 and previously served as Pledge Master. In 2013 I was the first runner up at the International Leather Sir/boy contest competing as a boy. I am well know in the club as the traveling Panther and have earned the nickname of “Pig 4”. I believe that the connections I have made through the Panthers have created by own personal family of choice whom I love and protect. If you have questions about Panther L/L or Ds relationships please seek me out!

EdEd Graham: I became a full member of Panther L/L in January 1998 and am the most senior (no, not the oldest) full member. I've also served as Treasurer for 15 years. I joined because of the brother/sisterhood and fundraising. The Panthers are very much my second family and I take incredible pride in what we have evolved into in the last few years.

Davidboy david I was born and raised in central Alabama. Since re-locating to Atlanta in 2012, I have become an active member of the Leather community and a full member of Panther L/L club. I am the current club Secretary and enjoy the work we do to support Atlanta’s LGBTQ and Leather community.

RobbieRobbie Butler: I joined the Panthers as an associate in May of 2013 and became a full member in May (or April, I dont know) of 2014. I joined the Panthers to become part of something bigger and to get out of my shell. Now they have created a monster! Since then I have become Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2015, Sergeant at Arms with the Panthers, competed at ABW and got 1st runner up for American Leatherman, and started modeling for Fort Troff. I am very active in the community now, along with my Panther brothers and sisters. I have many useful catch phrases and I am always willing to give a helping hand, just keep your hands away from my dinner plate.

StevenSteven Joined Panthers as Associate 06/2012; was accepted as full member 12/2012. Aside from the work we do holding charitable events and supporting a number of fun leather & kink events, I enjoy the friendships I’ve made through my Panther participation. My partner Bill was made Honorary Panther 12/13, and my boy, "boy david, soulless ginger” became a full member 7/13.

BullBull, one of the leading founders of the #DoucheyShirtlessGymSelfie, loves to get political in his summa cum laudes. His hobbies include working his guns on and off the range, filling out his leather chaps, and jumping off the garage as he tries to fly. When he’s not topping, he’s topping from the bottom. Welcoming and kind, Mama’s Bull stands up for the little guy, strong as an ox and twice as stubborn. Unfortunately, he’s still waiting for that Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas.

DaleDale is a New Orleans native but calls Atlanta home. A bootblack, nurse, title holder, and leather woman she loves to play hard and spend time with her Panther brothers and sisters. You can find her shining boots and greasing leathers at the Atlanta Eagle for the Panthers and numerous events and leather runs in the Southeast. Most of all she adores her Daddy Brenda and hosting leather family and friends at her home the Bootblack Sanctuary. Her passions are GLBT activism, oncology and HIV research, and bootblack & leather history.

Davidboy david, soulless ginger: Joined Panthers 2/13, accepted as full member 7/13. I have contributed artistic work for numerous Panther projects; my favorite among them is our Halloween Haunted Bar.

EddieEddie Polidura dreams about ancient werewolves and secret runes where magic and mystery are currency. One day, he’ll write a book about it. Until then, he’ll amass a database of best friends, perfect mates, and superhero identities using Facebook quizzes. While he loves to be naked, leather is the next best thing and he wears it well. Eddie, a believer in family, brotherhood, and loyalty, would do anything for his friends, including cosplay. A geek, a gamer, and a superhero fan, his life’s ambition is to build a house out of Loot Crate boxes.

JezJez, our INTP WebKitty, has lived in Atlanta with her SIR Khiki and their cats (#JustTheTwo) since 2011. She doesn't enjoy long walks on the beach or other such romantical meanderings, but she does love a good conversation - if you can keep up. Most days, and nights, you can find her with her head obscured behind her 17" monitor working on websites for community nonprofits, lost in design, or just looking at pictures of "kittehs." Other nights, she can be found running amuck in Norrath as a ShadowKnight with a personality disorder

JonathanJonathan Gattis wants to grow up to be the world’s first wolf superhero, he even has the tights for it. When he’s not saving the IT world, he likes naked walks through the park, being with friends in the bar, and blowing up computer aliens with his son. An advocate for his LGBT community, Jonathan is a supporter of Lost-N-Found Youth, and a brother to his fellow Panthers. His most closely held ambition is to make kilts a staple in the corporate world.

JohnMy name is John Doan. I am currently a full member of Panther L/L. After leaving my leather family in Houston, I was in search of one in Atlanta. I have been fortunate to have found a family, in addition to all the great work they do to assist those in need in our community. The brothers and sisters have been very supportive of me and they have been very inspirational. I enjoy my time with them no matter where we are, at our home bar, Atlanta Eagle, or at other events. I look forward to making more wonderful memories!

KhikiKhiki Stills Davis: I'​ve been out and active in the Leather Community for about 24 years, and in the LGBT community for 30. I've been a titleholder, club brother/sister, mentor, teacher, and hard playing ruffian for pretty much all of that time, and was a hot rough trade mess for years before that. I've been an associate of Panther LL for 18 years and a full patch member for 3; I’ve been president of the Leather Heart Foundation since 2012, and in May of this year became chairman/CEO of The Carter/Johnson Leather Library and Collection.

NitroNitro: I hold the titles of International Leatherboy 2011 and Mr. Hotlanta Rubber 2008. I have been involved with the Panthers since 2007, and have been a Full Member since January 2009. I have served in several Board positions including two years as President from June 2013 - May 2015. I very much enjoy working with this club, and the organizations that we partner with and support. It is great being able to share this with such great people that I love.

SeanSean (sometimes known as John) came to Atlanta from the frozen north over a decade ago for grad school. Though always interested in leather and “associated activities” from a young age he was never much part of the local scene until he was convinced one day to come out the Eagle for a mixer of clubs sponsored by the Eagle by one of the Davids (Guess which one and win a prize). He spent several years as an associate getting to know himself and his club brothers better. He joined the club as a full member in September of 2015.