Current Members

2018 ~ 2019 Officers


Nitro H. ~ member since January 2009

Nitro H.Nitro has been active in the Atlanta Leather Community since 2006, and has been involved with Panther L/L since 2007. In addition to his work with Panther L/L he is also Executive Producer of ALP-SEBB events putting on such events as: Atlanta Leather Pride, Southeast Black and Blue, BDSM101, Leather & Lace ATL, Fort Troff Maneuvers parties, and more. Nitro enjoys lots of aspects of BDSM and Kink, and enjoys helping people push their boundaries safely.

Vice President

Don M. ~ member since July 2011

Don M.
My name is Don Melville and I am currently the Vice President of Panther L/L. I joined as a full member in 2011 and previously served as Pledge Master. In 2013 I was the first runner up at the International Leather Sir/boy contest competing as a boy. I am well known in the club as the traveling Panther and have earned the nickname of “Pig 4”. I believe that the connections I have made through the Panthers have created by own personal family of choice whom I love and protect. If you have questions about Panther L/L or Ds relationships please seek me out!


Jonathan S. ~ member since July 2017

Panther Photo
Jonathan joined the Panthers as an Associate Member in July 2016. He became a Full Member in july 2017. For his pledge project he raised money for Lost & found.


Ed G. ~ member since January 1998

Ed G.
I became a full member of Panther L/L in January 1998 and am the most senior (yes, the oldest) full member. I’ve also served as Treasurer for over 15 years. I joined because of the brother/sisterhood and fundraising. The Panthers are very much my second family and I take incredible pride in what we have evolved into in the last few years.

Sergeant At Arms

Don W. ~ member since April 2018

Don & OttoMy name is Don and I go by the nickname “Don-O”. I played around in the kink/BDSM scene many many years ago and have recently gotten involved again. I became legally blind in late 2004. It took some time to get adjusted to being differently-abled. In my “sighted life” I volunteered with many different organizations. After many many years it’s good to be volunteering again and with such a great organization. You can find me and my guide Dog Otto hanging out at the club bar on our bar nights (watch out for Otto’s nose, he might stick it in your crotch).


“Olaf” G. ~ member since May 2016

Panther PhotoOriginally hailing from the ‘Frozen Tundra’ of the North, “Olaf” enjoys the uniqueness of ‘Southern Leather’ and the acceptance of so many different kinks and fetishes within the Panthers, at the Eagle, and in Atlanta in general. Having been a Leather titleholder, competing at IML, judging numerous Leather contests throughout the U.S. including IML, and being a Producer of two Leather Event Weekends, Olaf stays busy in the ‘business’ side of Leather. However, nothing compares to the simple fun of being part of the Panthers and in meeting new people. When you see him, please say hello, for it’s true, Olaf loves warm hugs!


David R. ~ member since July 2013

David R.I was born and raised in central Alabama. Since relocating to Atlanta in 2012, I have become an active member of the leather community and a full member of Panther L/L in 2013. I held the position of Secretary 2015 -2016 and Pledge Master 2017-2018. I enjoy the work we do to support Atlanta’s LGBTQ and Leather Community. I consider Panther L/L more than just a club, it’s family! I am also a member of Mama’s family. Mama’s Southern Cupcake. I have a jockstrap Fetish and I collect pigs! Oink Oink!

Sean H. ~ member since September 2015

Sean H.Sean (sometimes known online as John Smith) came to Atlanta from the frozen north over a decade ago for grad school. Though always interested in leather and “associated activities” from a young age he was never much part of the local scene until he was convinced one day to come out to the Eagle for a mixer of clubs sponsored by the Eagle by David R. He spent several years as an associate member getting to know himself and his club brothers better. He joined the club as a full member in September of 2015.

Bull S. ~ member since September 2015

Panther Photo
Bull, one of the leading founders of the #DoucheyShirtlessGymSelfie, loves to get political in his summa cum laudes. His hobbies include working his guns on and off the range, filling out his leather chaps, and jumping off the garage as he tries to fly. When he’s not topping, he’s topping from the bottom. Welcoming and kind, Mama’s Bull stands up for the little guy, strong as an ox and twice as stubborn. Unfortunately, he’s still waiting for that Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas.

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